Rumor Mill: ETC to Release TWO New Consoles in 2011

Rumors hints of a new console from ETC, (Electronic Theatre Controls) have been dropped a couple of times starting late 2009 at LDI when I intereviewed Anne Valentino about the future of controls.  Not much was said other then expect something sometime.  Pretty vague if you ask me.

Fast forward five months to March 2010 at USITT in Kansas City, Anne did a quick video for me on the history of lighting consoles that were on display at the USITT Lighting Museum.  Towards the end of the video, Anne mentioned this rumored fourth console addition to the Eos family of consoles. Again, not much was mentioned other then be on the look out in early 2011 for the new console.

Today, I can confirm that not just one console will be released in early 2011, but TWO consoles will be released! It is a safe bet that one will be added to the Eos family of consoles as previous hints have mentioned, but a second one?  I’m not sure where it will fall into ETC’s console lineup, but none the less, be on the look out.

Where do you think this second console will be added to ETC’s lineup?  Could it be an entirely new series of consoles? What do you think?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.