Rumor Mill: Selecon Prepin’ to Release New Fixture at ProLight + Sound

It looks like the small fortune I invested in a spy mic has finally paid off… well, finally given me something!  Back in early February, I sent a fruit basket to the Kiwi’s at Strand Selecon to celebrate Waitangi Day.  Little did they know a mic was hidden inside! I guess they never found it because it still works. Probably not after today though.

The “fruit Basket” must have been a favorite around the New Zealand office as it was left out during some important talks and picked up some VERY interesting tid bits. From what I was able to decipher from the audio is that Strand Selecon is preparing to announce and show a prototype of a new fixture at ProLight + Sound in Frankfurt Germany at the end of the month.

From there, on, things got a little garbled and I could not understand what was being said.  I hope someone didn’t eat the mic! If so, looks like I need to send another “care package” to New Zealand!

So what does this mean? Look for something new and exciting from Strand Selecon this year at ProLight + Sound.  If we are lucky, we might just see something State side sooner then later.  I’ll keep after the US rep and see what other details I can find out.