SeaChanger Improves the Tungsten SeaChanger Fixture

Fast speeds and more light output… YES PLEASE! SeaChanger just announced these updates to their tungsten color mixing fixture add-on to the ETC Source four.  Increased light output and fast color mixing, how can you go wrong?  Here is more from the official press release.

SeaChanger has improved upon its flagship product line, the SeaChanger Tungsten Fixtures. Through advanced optical engineering, the SeaChanger Tungsten products now have a flatter field, allowing 10% more light out of the fixture, and enables faster color transitions with new firmware.  The SeaChanger firmware upgrade greatly improves the “snap” transition time, with a full-speed, dual rotation that allows you to choose the shortest path to the color of your choice.  This still preserves the smooth, transition-free fades and silent operation that is the benchmark of the SeaChanger family of products.

Head over to SeaChangers web site, to learn more about the new and improved tungsten fixture.