Show Some iSquint Love @ #USITT50 and I’ll Show it Back

Yes, yes, yes, I can’t say it enough, USITT is right around the corner and it going to be one hecka excellent time! Well I have something special for those of you attending the Expo in Kansas City this week. You show your iSquint love, and I’ll show it right back! Umm, what does that mean?!  It’s simple, At anytime during the conference and stage expo, find me and show me the iSquint app on your iPhone or iPod Touch and I’ll give you a limited edition I heart iSquint button! I do have to limit it to one button per person. One other requirement, I get to take a photo of you and the i heart iSquint button, it’s only fair right?

But what about us Droid and Crackbery users? Well, since the app is not ready for you guys as I had hoped it would be… Surprise me, think of something creative to show and tell me.  We’re all theatre people, be creative!

Now for those of you who couldn’t make it to KC… Have no fear, I’ll have something for you when I get back, i promise.