Sneak Peak at Prism Projection’s RevEAL Studio Fresnel LED Fixture

You have heard me talk about the Prism Projection RevEAL Studio fixture before.  In fact, I shot a little video of Garrett Young, the President of Prism Projection talking about the new fixture at NAB earlier this year.  My oh my how a couple of months can change a fixture.  When I looked at the fixture back in April, it was totally different design then what I say at 4Wall DC’s Grand Opening.

Miles from Prism Projection was kind enough to give me a close up look at the fixture and was my mind blown.  Miles still won’t let me crack the fixture open, but can you blame him, they have some super secret technology in there! The RevEAL Studio fixture now looks and feels just like a true fresnel, only with LEDs!

The Studio fixture is able to change color temperature from 2700k to 8000k with a high CRI of 92+. Not only can you get almost any color temperature of white you are looking for, with Prisms unique array of LEDs you are able to get super saturated colors across the spectrum.  Best part, no rainbow shadows like a typical multi-source RGB LED fixture would produce.

The ReaVEAL Studio features local and remote control of the entire fixture from dimming, color mixing modes and even fan control.  Want a higher output of light, turn the fan off.  To quite down the fixture, turn the fan off, but lose a bit of intensity out of the fixture. The fixture automatically adjust the light output to help save the LEDs from being run down and over heated, how smart.

Here is another great feature of the RevEAL Studio fixture.  Say you want to take the fixture out on the road and on location.   I’m talking to you TV and Film guys. The fixture only requires 200w – 250w depending on what type of power you use. The fixture is able to accept AC & DC power input.  So while on the road, you can hook the fixture up to a battery and run the fixture at just 200w between 10-36v. Then when you bring it back into the studio, the fixture is auto sensing between 85-268v AC at just 250w.

I have to say, very impressive.  If you are heading to LDI, be sure to stop by the Prism Projection stand and check out the RevEAL Studio fixture.  If you can’t wait a couple of weeks, head over to Prism Projection’s website, and learn more about the fixture there.