Still Taking Nominations for Best New Lighting Product for 2010

There is still time for you to nominate the best Lighting Product of 2010!  All this week, you can nominate any new lighting related product that was introduced in 2010 for the 2010 Best Lighting Product of the year.

Each year you see a bunch of organizations put out their choice for the best lighting products of the year.  We here at iSquint handle it a little different.  You choose the nominations AND you vote on the products!

These products are designed for you and you are the only that uses them so you should be the one that decides which one stands out as the best product of the year. You have all of this week leading up to New Years Eve to nominate as many products as you like for the award.  All you have to do is visit the Nomination Post from last week and leave a comment with all of the products that you feel deserve this award.  Comments on this post have been turned off as to eliminate any confusion.

After all the nominations are in, I’ll condense the nominations into a poll for everyone to vote on. If you need help with all of the new products that were announced this year, review the products section on iSquint.  While most are there, there are some that might not be, so feel free to add them if you don’t see the product listed.