Studio Roanoke Recovering from Theft

Over the weekend of August 15th, 2010, Studio Roanoke (a local non-profit theatre) suffered a break in and theft of various scenic and lighting equipment.  As of the 18th, a former volunteer at the theatre has been arrested.  Michael Shannon Bowyer, 35, was charged with the theft of approx. $10,000 in lighting, costumes, and office equipment.

Most of the materials taken have been returned to the theatre.  However, some equipment was damaged during the theft.  Some equipment is also still missing.  While closed for only one show, Studio Roanoke could still use the support and help of the community.  If you are local, go see a show.  If you’re able, make a donation.  Every little bit helps.

Someone stole from Studio Roanoke, but in reality it was a theft from the community.  Now you have the opportunity to donate time or funds to Studio Roanoke. It doesn’t just help the theatre recover, it helps the community heal.

For more information, please check out’s article.