Sunday YouTube Videos

Is it Sunday already? What happened to the weekend? Seems like it should be Saturday again. Since it is Sunday, it is time for another batch of Sunday YouTube Videos from around the intrawebs.  You guys sent in some pretty neat stuff this week all having to do with lighting of course!  The first one is an interview with a “cartoon” lighting designer via  Basically, if you can write a script, you can make a movie. Who ever put this interview together… HI-LARIOUS! Next, pre-viz, oh what a wonderful tool!  This quick video from Pre-Visualization Studios gives a quote demo of a “simple” concert rig in action. Lat up, boiling down what lighting designers do in a a minute and forty-seven seconds.  I guess it gives a good overview for the general population that wonders how we do it.  It is an video!

Excellent finds this week everyone, keep up the great work! Have a great rest of your weekend and rock it out this week!