Synthe FX Lifts the Lid on Luminair for the iPad

After months of speculation leading up to the announcement of the Apple iPad and then finally the release of the iPad to the gen pop, the lighting industry and iPhone lovers have been craving something special for the iPad to control our rigs.  Since the announcement of the iPad, Synthe FX, the iPhone app developer of the Luminair app has been dropping hits about their plans and release for Luminair as a native app on the iPad.

I have heard from a pretty reliable source that the iPad version of Luminar is finishing up it’s beta testing and is getting ready to hit the App Store in the near future.  Just last night, Synthe FX updated their web site with a TON of details and a short preview video to hold us over until the iPad app hits the store.  Here is a quick run down of some of the features exclusive to the iPad version of Luminair.

  • Fully editable cues
  • User-configurable UI
  • Project based touch-draggable color swatches
  • Pop-up contextual controls
  • External keyboard support
  • UI and performance enhancements that make it geared for live performance
  • External project file importing via email and downloading in Safari
  • PDF support for importing user manuals and other documents for displaying right in the app
  • Built for future expansion

Pricing has not been released on the iPad version of the Luminair app.  To lern more about the upcoming app, visit