The 2010 Broadway Lighting Master Classes Coming to a Close.

With all intentions of writing while I was in New York for the Broadway Lighting Master Classes hosted by Live Design, I found I couldn’t find time while there. The classes were just so wonderful as I mentioned in my previous post on day one, day two was just as awesome.  I could have certainly found time during a break between classes or during lunch, but there were just some many great attendees to talk to and share our love of lighting. In fact, the conversations were so wonderful, some of us almost missed the start of a couple of the classes because we lost track of time.

Then there was lunch.  We had almost 2 hours to eat and visit all of the manufacturers that were exhibiting at the Manufacturers showcase during lunch. I had to slam down the box lunch that was provided while still talking to some attendees and then making my way around the showcase to see all of the great products on display.  The two hours just seemed to fly by. There were a couple of new prototype’s on display and certainly things I have seen before, which I’ll get into more in later write ups.

At night, the education and talking didn’t stop until I finally closed my eyes to get some sleep.  Talking with fellow attendee’s and manufacturers, seeing FELA! on Broadway rounded out the first day after classes ended at 5:30pm.  Getting back to the NYU dorms late and having to get some sleep for more learning the next day was in order.

The next day was just as great as the first day at the Broadway Lighting Master Classes.  It is so interesting to hear how different designers approach lighting design and over come some of the challenges they face.  Understanding the different approach’s to designing really helps to understand that there is no set way to accomplish what we try to do. Each designer has their own methods which work for them and shared them with the class.

I am so grateful to Live Design for inviting me to the Broadway Lighting Master Classes this year!  I had an unbelievable time learning, and meeting new people and of course, talking with Broadway lighting designers.  I would highly recommend the BLMC to anyone that has any interest in lighting design and understanding how the Broadway designers do what they do.  As Jules Fisher said in his opening speak, the BLMC is not just about learning, but connecting with others for the advancement of lighting.

Stay tuned for more of my coverage of the Broadway Lighting Master Classes.  I have a bunch of photos to share from the last two days and some great videos as well.