The Flying Albino From ZFX at USITT

Something that has become quite popular at USITT lately are flying rigs. ZFX Flying Effects was on the show floor at USITT 2010 showing off their rig and what it can do. Three times a day, the Flying Albino took the stage with a dance in the air that was very impressive. It was amazing how quick and responsive the system was. The entire scene was pre-programmed and recreated perfectly each time. Not only did I get a great video of the Flying Albino from the ground, the Flying Albino took my camera from me and showed us what it is to be tumbling around on the rig.

Reporting from USITT, the Flying Albino!

Swag Give-A-Way Time:

Can you tell me the Flying Albino’s FULL name? If so, Leave a comment on this post. The first one in with the correct anwser wins some ZFX swag that I icked up at USITT and some other little swag items.


Congrats to Brian. He was the first one in yesterday with the correct answer!