This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Cardboard Shipping Box

In the not so distant future, we’ll be saying, “remember when cardboard boxes were square or rectangular?”.  Designer Partick Sung has developed a new type of shipping….”container”, a flat piece of recycled corrugated cardboard called the Universal Packaging System or UPS.  No, it is not from that UPS, but the logo is pretty close and threw me off at first.

The design of the sheet of cardboard has groves in it to help make folding the sheet around almost anything you can think of. Since the cardboard would conform to the shape of the item you are packing, there would be less space and less wasted material.  My main concern would still be padding and security of the item with in. Can you imaging a moving light being shipped in the UPS box? It would look a little funny at first I think.

What do you think?  Think Patrick Sung has a good idea?  I would love to hear what you think in the comments of this article.

Thanks Yanko Design!