Tips for Applying for an Internship

My favorite time of year is fast approaching here in Washington, DC, the time where hordes of high school and college students descend upon Washington as interns.  I have meet some interesting people over the years that were interns.  Heck, even my wife was an intern! So on with it…

Are you looking for an internship in the Entertainment Technology Industry?  City Theatrical has put together some worth while information on how to land a great internship.  It’s a listing of five things you need to know. The list is great advice. As an add-on to number 4, do not be late.  I want to pass something on that I learn early on from of all places, Acting 101 about being on time.

To be 15 minute early is to be on time.

to be on time is to be late.

to be late is to be dead.

Just some helpful advice. ;)  Here are the five things you need to know about landing an internship from City Theatrical.

Thank CT!