Tis The Season Already! ESTA Announces 2010 Holiday Cards

I think Lewis Black said it best in his album, Anticipation, Christmas seems to be getting closer and closer together.  It feels like Christmas shopping starts on July 7th.  And with ESTA’s latest news, Lewis might be on to something.

ESTA just announced the 2010 holiday cards to help support Behind the Scenes. This year there are four designs to choose from.  Top industry designers such as David Gallo, Andrew Hefter, Christine Jones and Jeremy Railton designed this years cards. Shown left is I think my favorite this year from Andrew Hefter, “Set the Stage for a Shining Holiday Season.”

Card’s can be personalized with your name or company name along with a personalized message. There is also an option for smaller quantities of cards for those of us with smaller Rolodex.  Another alternative to sending out printed cards is sending out Electronic Cards through ESTA.  Not only save some green, but be green as well, (I have a feeling that is copyrighted some where).  All of the ordering options and different card designs can be found on the ESTA web site, www.esta.org.

Deadline for ordering is September 1, 2010.  So you have some time, but don’t be like me last year and scrambling the sheelves at traget for holiday cards!  Get your order in early, supplies after September 1 will be low or none exsitant.