TOMCAT’s New QU & Curtains Track Truss

TOMCAT displayed new products at its booth at LDI: QU Truss Series, as well as its new Curtain Track Truss. The QU Truss Series products stand out for its simple tool free connection, fast assembly and disassembly, and multiple configurations. The products were designed for specific applications including exhibits, audiovisual equipment support, ballroom/conference environments and soft goods support.

The QU Truss Series includes 2 news products: The QU-212 Batten Ladder has a 20 ft span UDL capacity of 1000 lbs., 4’’ wide top chord for stability, and requires minimal truck/storage space with the availability of storage carts. The QU-312 Triangle Truss with 840 lbs. UDL over a 30’ span, and 400 lbs UDL over a 40ft span also has the availability of storage carts.

TOMCAT’s new Curtain Track Truss has the following features: An integrated track which accepts readily available carriers, includes self aligning connection plates, and its 2’’ members accept commonly used mounting hardware. It also offers a single and double track configuration with a 30ft. span UDL capacity of 1000 lbs., is available curved or straight, and is perfect for walking curtains/screens.