Trace Lighting Prepares Launch of LimeLIGHT, PC Based Controller at PLASA

In just a few weeks, the PLASA show hits London with a slew of new products being announcement.  Trace Lighting is joining in with the announcement of their PC based lighting control software, LimeLIGHT.

LimeLIGHT is a PC-based lighting controller, consisting of a small and reliable output unit combined with powerful yet easy-to-use software.

LimeLIGHT is designed to be quick and easy to program, whilst allowing you to do more than other consoles. Features such as LimeLIGHT’s “auto-chase wizard” (pictured below) allow the user to create large complex chases over 100’s of fixtures. These chases can at their simplest take the form of consecutive lights, through to complex swirls and expansions over large banks of LED’s through to colour chases on CMY moving heads. Such chases can be run either relative (e.g. flash the brightness up then return to it’s previous level) or absolute (e.g. blue then white). The complexity of chases that can be accomplished with a few simple, self explanatory selections will astound you.

Features included in LimeLIGHT

  • Colours can be represented and faded in any colour space.
  • Attributes can fade at different speeds in any cue
  • An unlimited number of cue lists
  • Accurate tap based speed control – any number of taps, not just the average of the last two.
  • Plug ins allow cue’s to come from other programs e.g. media players

LimeLIGHT is only available for Windows based PC’s. To learn more about Trace Lighting’s LimeLIGHT control software, visit their website at