Tuesday Twitter Trivia Winner – Color Schemes

Yesterdays Tuesday Twitter Trivia question had to do with color theory and the color wheel. Seemed like yet another easy one right?  Not really, but if you remember your color theory from lighting 101, it might not be that difficult.  First, yesterdays Tuesday Twitter Trivia question was:

What are the 6 logical combination of colors, or schemes, on a color wheel?

I received a bunch of reply’s with color choices and complementary color, which were incorrect.  I was actually looking for the SCHEMES on the color wheel, not the colors themselves.  See the image below to help explain the different color schemes that I was looking for.

Color Schemes

So did any one win this week?  Of course!  This weeks Tuesday Twitter Trivia Winner is Brad Peterson or AKA @bradpeterson. Brad had the correct answer in first, so congrats Brad, you win an iSquint Prize Pack!  Do you have a lighting trivia question that you think might stump the industry, I would love to hear it.  There just might be a prize pack in it for you!

Thanks everyone for playing!