Tuesday Twitter Trivia Winner – Single Source

Yesterdays question was pretty simple right?  Well, if you know your lighting history, it might have been.  Quick recap from yesterday with the trivia question:

Which lighting designer once noted that they dream of a day when there would be a large enough light source, (ie: 10k fresnel), to bask the stage with a single light source to mimic a natural light source?

So who is this designer that wanted to light the stage with a single source of light… None other then Stanley McCandless.  Mr. McCandless talked about this theory of lighting the stage in his book, A Method for Lighting the Stage.

There were still a number of people who still Direct Messaged their response, the winner with the correct response was Nick Malczewsky or @nickmalczewsky.

If you have the opportunity to pick up a copy of Mr. McCandless book, I highly recommend it!  You can find used book sellers on Amazon.com. There is a lot of lighting history and knowledge in that book and well worth the investment regardless of your lighting experience.

If you have an idea for a future Tuesday Twitter Trivia, send them to me theough the Contact Us page here on iSquint.  There just might be a prize pack in it for you!