Update: 33% of Nook’s Ultimate Punt Pages DVD

I just found out more about the new training DVD, Nook’s Ultimate Punt Pages, from the Academy of Production Technology that I wrote about yesterday. If you pre-order the DVD right now, you’ll be saving 33% off the retail price of $59.95. That is a savings of $20 bucks! With the 33% off, you can pre-order the DVD for $39.95. The price does not include tax and freight though. But still $20 bucks is $20 bucks!

If you have any interest in honning your programming skills, it is a highly recommended training DVD. The training DVD is expected to ship late summer, early fall. Once it starts shipping, the pre-release savings goes away, so stop by the Academy of Production Technology’s web site, productionseminars.webs.com, now and pre-order your copy.