Update: Helping Titus Realize His Dream – Call for Support

Over a month ago, Richard Cadena, the Editor of PLSN Magazine and Electron Magician put a call out for help his friend Titus in Nigeria. Mr. Cadena has organized a fund raising campaign to purchase an Apple MacBook for Titus to help him complete and continue his dreams of opening a production company in Nigeria.  The audio engineering classes that Titus is taking requires an Apple notebook to complete class assignments.

The goal is to raise $1100 USD to purchase the new MacBook for Titus.  Mr. Cadena setup a ChipIn campaign to help raise money.  The first ChipIn campaign that Mr. Cadena setup raised $350 dollars.  This is a good start, but Titus and Mr. Cadena still need help to raise the remaining $750 dollars.

Mr. Cadena started a new ChipIn campaign to raise the remaining $750 dollars.  Your help and support would greatly be appreciated! Any donation on your part would be greatly welcome. I have already pledged my support by donating to this worth while cause, please join me and Mr. Cadena in helping bring a bit of much needed technology to a student in need.  Below is the ChipIn widget to show how much has already been raised and how much is still needed to reach the $750 dollar goal. Again, any support would be greatly appreciated.  Why not donate the cost of one cup of coffee for the day?  If enough people donate just a bit, Titus and Mr. Cadena can reach their goal.