Update: Martin’s Offerings at ProLight + Sound

All I can say is ask, and you shall receive! From the Martin Press Release:

On display in Hall 9.0 stand B91 will be all new LED moving heads including a hard edge LED luminaire that surpasses anything that has come before it. Other top innovations include a new generation indoor/outdoor LED screen, a high-output profile moving head with continuous rotation framing, a powerful beam fixture in the MAC family, new LED lights for indoor and outdoor use, as well as a new Exterior range of outdoor luminaires.

Several new user-friendly control and media server solutions will also feature including a powerful, all-in-one lighting console that sets new standards in simplicity for a full featured desk. A full complement of Jem and Magnum smoke machines will also be on display.

MAC 350 Entour™: The MAC 350 Entour is a cutting edge LED profile fixture that surpasses what has previously been possible in terms of brightness, efficiency and compactness in a hard edge LED fixture. Featuring proprietary LED technology, it is the market’s first real alternative to traditional HID-based profile fixtures. In a package smaller and lighter than market leading 250 watt fixtures, the MAC 350 Entour exceeds even 300 watt fixtures in brightness.

MAC III Performance™: The MAC III Performance is a high-output profile moving head with a new interleaved framing system with full crossover of each blade and industry-first continuous rotation for new and unlimited projection, framing and effects possibilities. It is available as a stand-alone fixture or as an easy-to-swap module that installs in minutes on any MAC III Profile™, eliminating the need to invest in two separate fixtures.

EC-20™: The EC series represents the new generation of indoor and outdoor LED screens, combining low weight and creativity with state-of-the-art image quality. It combines the image quality and precision of conventional high resolution screens (20 mm pixel pitch) with the creativity and low weight of mesh type screens. Featuring outstanding image quality and semi-transparency, the EC-20 is designed for rapid setup and teardown in combination with maximum flexibility and easy serviceability.

MAC 401 CT Zoom™: The MAC 401 CT Zoom is an exceptionally versatile color temperature variable white light source wash luminaire with fast zoom. The MAC 401 CT Zoom not only delivers more light than traditional RGB LED fixtures, but projects a much better light quality, making it excellent for highlighting skin tones or textiles. Highly efficient, power consumption is much lower than traditional tungsten washlights. It is also available as a module that easily fits onto either side of any MAC 401 Dual, creating a white light or color plus white light source.

MAC 2000 Beam XB™ and MAC 2000 Beam™: Easily convert any MAC 2000 Wash XB™ or MAC 2000 Wash™ luminaire into a powerful beam fixture with an inexpensive conversion kit that installs in minutes. Amazingly bright, the MAC 2000 Beam XB also includes smooth dimming, strobe, full color mixing, variable CTO, color wheel, gobos and a real 1:3 wash zoom.

M1™: M1 is the next generation lighting controller from Martin Professional. With the full power of a larger desk and the agility of a smaller one, the M1 is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one lighting desk. Following the philosophy and simplicity of our current controller platform, the Martin M1 sets a new standard as the most powerful and affordable full-featured lighting console on the market.

Exterior 400 Range™: The Exterior 400 Range brings maximum design flexibility to outdoor lighting. These new LED washes consist of two extremely powerful RGBW color mixing fixtures (separate color pixels or pre-mixed), one white light fixture featuring a super wide color temperature range, and a single color variant. Long or short throw, mixed or single color, warm or cold white, the Exterior 400 Range does it all.

Tripix™: The Tripix 1200 and Tripix 300 are the first fixtures in a new Martin line of IP66 rated outdoor LED luminaires. These two attractively designed striplights are fast to install and are the first architectural fixtures from Martin to use tricolor LEDs for superior color mixing directly at the lens.

Easypix™: Easypix is a modular, plug-and-play LED striplight designed to enhance interior spaces in a wide variety of applications. Built for ultimate ease-of-use with full spectrum RGB color mixing, a choice of diffuser lenses, and an exceptionally easy means of installation, it is a simple yet highly capable dynamic lighting solution.

Maxedia 4™: Dozens of new features and improvements have been implemented into Maxedia to make the market’s most user-friendly media server even easier to use. New plug-ins for never before seen effects, new PufferSpheretm plug-ins, new super fast capture cards and other updates set the standard for HD playback quality, stability and ease of use.

Ether2DMX8™: Ether2DMX8 is a high capable DMX router and much more! As a DMX router, it translates Artnet protocol into DMX in/out universes but can also be used as a DMX merger, DMX splitter hub, fail safe device, cue playback, and DMX viewer monitor.

Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass™: Leading the way as the preferred fog machine for the professional market over the last decade, the Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass™ has undergone a thorough makeover that preserves its reputation as a reliable and highly efficient fogger. The new Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass features improvements in overall performance and fluid type, as well as advances in digital functionality such as RDM compatibility.