Videssence Introduces ExceLED Fixtures at NAB 2010

While at NAB, Videssnce got into the LED market by introducing their latest series of fixtures, the ExceLED. What stands out about Videssence’s ExceLED 100 fixture is it ability to focus the beam from a spot to a flood with out the use of filters, diffusion or any other medium put in front of the light.  The ExceLED 100 is focusable similar to a fresnel fixture in that you have a knob in the back to dial in the spot or flood of the fixture.

In addition to the ExceLED 100, Videssence also offers an ExceLED 50 and ExceLED 25.  Each of the fixtures use the same 25 watt “brick” of LEDs.  So on the ExceLED 25, it is just one of the LED bricks while the ExceLED 50 uses two 25 watt “bricks” and the ExceLED 100 uses four 25 watt “bricks”.

Each of the fixtures are amazingly bright and produce a clean even field of light.  Since they are developed in house by Videssence, they are well constructed and solid just like Videssence’s other lines of Florescent fixtures. If I remember correctly, the fixtures are ready to ship from Videssence.

Additional information on Videssence’s ExceLED fixtures has not made it to their web site as of yet,  For pricing and more information, you will have to contact your local Videssence dealer.