Welcome Contributing Writer – Scott Renick

Hey everyone! I’m Scott Renick, and I am honored to have the opportunity to cover LDI 2010 for iSquint.net.  I am a recent college graduate with a degree in computer graphics technology and a minor in information technology from Purdue University. My specific focus is the use of graphics and information technologies in the live event/entertainment business. I would have to say my passion truly lies in utilizing cutting edge visual technologies to put an impressed smile on the face of everyone in the audience, so it only fits that this is the right biz to be apart of.

During LDI I am going to be covering new products, catching up with some good industry friends that you may or may not know yet, and posting plenty of pictures and videos from the floor. Be on the lookout for me in Booth #1224, where I will spend a majority of my time during show hours.