West Side Systems Updates All Their iPhone Apps for iOS4

Looks like West Side Systems is leading the pack in the lighting apps with updating most of their iPhone apps for iOS4 and multitasking. So all of you iPhone and iPod touch users that have taken time time to update your devices with Apple’s latest iOS update, head over to iTunes or the app store app on your device and get the free updates from West Side System.  That is if you have already purchased and downloaded them.

Just last week, Apple released it’s latest version of the iPhone and iPod Touch operation system which has been named iOS4.  The new iOS is geared towards Apple’s latest iPhone, 4G.  But Apple didn’t leave it’s current iPhone users in the dark.  Owners of 3G, 3Gs and iPod Touch devices are able to upgrade for free and get some of the great new features Apple added such as multitasking.

Multitasking gives us iPhone users the ability to run multiple apps at once now rather then opening one, going back to the home screen and opening up and another and so forth to work with multiple apps. The catch being that not only do you have to have iOS4 installed, but the apps have to have the multitasking support.  West Side Systems is the first lighting app developer to update and release their apps in the iTunes app store with the multitasking support.  I am expecting many of the other lighting app developers to follow suit very shortly.

In addition to getting multitasking support, BeamCalc also got a few updates to improve how it renders and draws beam projections.