World Expo 2010 Shanghai China Opening Ceremonies

The World Expo 2010 Shanghai is happening right now in China.  Actually, it started back on May 1st so we are 5 days into it.  At least at the time of this writing, China is 5 days into it, we, state side are only 4 days into it.  The World Expo 2010 Shanghai runs for just a bit, till October 31, 2010.

World Expositions are galleries of human inspirations and thoughts. Since 1851 when the Great Exhibition of Industries of All Nations was held in London, the World Expositions have attained increasing prominence as grand events for economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges, serving as an important platform for displaying historical experience, exchanging innovative ideas, demonstrating esprit de corps and looking to the future.

A good friend of mine, Bar-B-Que Aficionado and lover of light sent me a note about some pretty crazy stuff going on at the opening ceremonies of the World Expo 2010. Crazy stuff as in some pretty awesome lighting, video and pyro! The opening ceremonies have been uploaded into YouTube, but had to be broken into three separate videos due to YouTube’s restrictions.  Take look, just turn down the volume unless you can speak Mandarin. Oh yeah, it is all being run off grandMA2’s!

Learn more about World Expo 2010 Shanghai by visiting their web site at