WYSIWYG R25 Coming This Week for Members Only

Reading over the latest press release from Cast Software, I feel as though I need to be wearing a Members Only Jacket as Release 25 of WYSIWYG is only released to Members this week. After an extensive beta testing cycle, Cast Software is confidant that Release 25 is ready for wide spread release.

Here are just some of the features about Release 25 of WYSIWYG:

New CAD Mode features:

  • Positioning Tools – now send to back and bring to front, and Alignment Tools
  • Text Toolbar – edit text just like your favourite word processing program
  • Polygon Tool
  • Cycle Selection – blaze through selecting items in the same plane
  • Select Fixtures on Hang Structures
  • Visual Indicators for Truss Assembly
  • New/more descriptive right-click options for truss assembly
  • Font Styles for Dimensions

Enhancements to Layouts in Presentation Mode

  • Zoom Layouts & Content Windows using the mouse wheel
  • Copy and Paste items within Layouts
  • Assign colours in Legends
  • New alignment options in Worksheet Item Properties
  • Option to modify corners of Rounded Rectangles
  • Easily create perfect circles, rectangles and 45 degree angles
  • Speed and stability optimizations for New Plots
  • Delete Rows and Columns in Worksheets

There are a ton more features and extension added to Release 25 that I have not listed here. But what is impressive is the Library count.  In Release 25, Cast included a number of new fixtures, gobo’s, bulbs, (lamps), and color filters. The entire library now consist of…

  • Automated Fixtures: 692
  • Conventional Fixtures: 2561
  • Fixtures Other: 46
  • Truss: 4529
  • Gobos: 4129
  • Bulbs (Lamps): 1462
  • Colour Filters (Gels): 2058

Releases are free to current Members. In fact, being a Member is the only way to get fully operational software. For more information on WYSIWYG R25 visit www.wysiwygsuite.com. Learn how to become a member, visit Cast Software’s web site at www.cast-soft.com.

Here is a short YuoTube video of Release 25 in action: