Andy Gerber Jumps on Board with Reel Video Systems LLC

Newly formed Reel Video Systems LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Andy Gerber, Visual Display Manager, to the Reel Video team.  Andy brings a wealth of knowledge from years of previous experience with LED video technology, and he could not wait to start working with the roll up display systems.

“Obviously I am excited to be apart of this new venture, and could not wait to have an opportunity to help build this company from the ground up“ noted Gerber.  ”Now that I have worked with the roll up LED wall, I cannot imagine using old school block LED systems.”

After completing his bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from Purdue University, Gerber dove right into the industry. He has been responsible for managing LED displays at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, was an LED technician on the Jimmy Buffett tour, and also handled displays for Formula One races in Montreal Canada.

“To be honest, the roll down feature is only the beginning” shared Gerber, with a smile on his face.  “Just wait until you see the amazing images these walls make.  I have spent years looking at LED technology from every manufacturer imaginable, and I can tell you this is not just a form factor gimmick, the video quality is incredible ”

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