Apple Opens the Mac App Store

You heard the announcement back in November, here we are in January and Apple has opened up the Mac App Store! The Mac App Store is something that, for the time being, is totally separate from the Apple iTunes App Store.  The Mac App Store is free download from Apple.  Think of it kind of like the iTunes App Store, but for mac computer programs.

Rather then heading to a brick and mortar store like an Apple Store or your favorite electronics store to pick up new releases of mac programs, you can now purchase and download those title right from your mac. Just like the iTunes App Store for apps on our iOS devices, your Mac Store App login is attached to your Apple ID so purchases are quick and easy.  Also like the iTunes App Store, you are notified in the Mac App Store of new updates to software titles that you have already purchased.

With the release of the Mac App Store, there are a couple of lighting software titles already available for our community.  Just like the lunch of the iTunes App Store, we will begin to see more and more lighting industry software titles offered in the Mac App Store, just give it some time.

Getting the Mac App Store on your mac is easy as doing a software update from the apple on the menu bar.  To help distinguish the difference between mac software titles and iOS apps, there are two new sections on iSquint, the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store.