Attention Students – Time is Running Out to Enter the SDC

USITT is long gone.  Sounds like Spring Break is over too.  Before you know it, so will the school year and so will the Student Design Competition!  Have you been working on your design for the competition?  April is right around the corner! I hoe everyone has been working diligently on their design as well as their school work. Time management is key here.  Don’t put things off to the last minute, that is when you start rushing and making mistakes.  Trust me, I have been there!

You still have plenty of time to work on you design and to submit it to the Student Design Competition.  Just remember, the last day to enter the competition is Friday, April 15th, 2011.  While your at it, don’t forget your taxes, they are due the same day!

Check out all the details about the Student Design Competition to make sure you have everything together.

Break-A-Leg everyone!