AviiQ Smart Case for the iPad 2

The morning the iPad 2 was due to release I was working a gig in Trinidad. I had sat up all night refreshing my browser waiting for the online ordering to open. Two weeks later it showed up at my apartment with an orange Smart Cover. I was gleaming until I realized that there was nothing to protect my shiny new toy (tool).

For me when it comes to cases form and function are equals. It should protect, but not add a lot of extra bulk. It should allow for me to use all the ports without flaps or¬†dangly¬†things getting in the way. And it needs to look good with my orange Smart Cover. I’ve searched for a case to cover the back of my iPad for a while and I think I found my solution- the AviiQ Smart case. It’s form fitting aluminum so it doesn’t add much to the size or weight and travels well. No flimsy, dangly port covers. And it matches all the colors of the Smart Cover. How cool is that?

The AviiQ Smart Case is available now for pre-order now from their website for $50. I’ll let you know how I like it once I get to play with it.