Barbizon Lighting Debuts the World’s Brightest Broadcast/Film LED Fixture

Barbizon Lighting today revealed the intent to develop, manufacture, and distribute a new line of LED based
lighting fixtures called the Eta Carina line for the film video market segment. Barbizon’s plan is to reveal the fixture at this year’s NAB show April 11-14. Quietly over the last year Barbizon Lighting has recruited a team to build, hands-down, the most efficient, brightest flexible LED luminaire for use in film and video production.

The team includes:

  • Nano-technologists with deep understanding of solid-state lighting who are using nano structures to create white light LED arrays with a CRI of 95+.
  • Optical engineers who have developed high gain lenses utilizing Wavefront-guided LASIK technology to multiply the focusing power of the LED’s lensing system, by optimizing lenses with a spatially varying correction, guiding the computer-controlled excimer laser with measurements from a wavefront sensor. Based on their results, the team has successfully used WFG-Lasik to amplify the LED output exponentially.
  • A thermal dissipation team who’s sole goal was to keep the system cool and without divulging too much of the patent-pending system, have miniaturized a cooling technology originally developed by Cray Computers that uses a ‘plasma’ to cool components. The new system uses Moore’s Law and nano-tubes specifically knit to dissipate heat from the circuit.
  • Lastly an industrial design group with talent culled from industrial packaging to the auto and aerospace industry to develop a housing that can be used indoors or out that is easy to set-up and focus.

“We took almost a year to get it just right and ready for the industry. It’s also been so hard to not tell anyone what we’ve been up to.” says Tobin Neis, Marketing director for Barbizon. “The reigning “brightest star” in our galaxy is the Eta Carina, with a whopping solar wattage of 4.7 million suns. This is how our new fixture stacks up to the next closest competitor.”

Barbizon’s President Jonathan Resnick told us, “Look, we used our market position and customer base in television and film to determine where the white space was for this fixture. We also could see first hand where our now competitors fall short and where we could improve on their mistakes. There’s no doubt about it, this fixture is going to change this industry – everyone else will now be in our shadow.”

Happy April Fool’s Day