Chameleon Lighting Software Releases V1 RC8 with New Features

Back in November, I mentioned a new lighting software title out there for the Mac called Chameleon.  Looks like development of the software is coming along nicely with the release of Version 1.0 RC8.

This release fixes a few bugs, includes the new USB drivers from FTDI (fully compatible with the 10.6.5 release now), and adds a couple of cool new features.

You can now assign user buttons to ‘radio button’ groups so you can make sure only one scene in a group can be on at a time. This is useful for making sure that scenes and looks don’t overlap when they shouldn’t. When you put your mouse over a button, a popup window appears telling you which group it is in, and all other buttons in that group appear outlined in light grey.

For more advanced users, we’ve now added a comprehensive set of keypad command allowing you to patch, re-patch and unpatch channels to addresses. In record mode, just hit the p key and patch away. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it saves a huge amount of time in set up.

Head over to to download and try the software or to update your version.