City Theatrical Launches sHoW DMX Neo & Baby

City Theatrical is proud to announce their newest generation of wireless DMX:   SHoW DMX Neo. SHoW DMX Neo features the world’s highest fidelity, combined with blazing fast 7mS (or less) latency.  Users can choose from three operating modes, including Neo, Neo Adaptive, and Classic mode that is compatible with all existing SHoW DMX products.

Learn more about sHoW DMX Neo by downloading the data sheet.

If SHoW DMX Neo is about user control, SHoW DMX SHoW Baby is about simplicity.  Although SHoW Baby is fast and powerful, it has no user controls at all!  Each SHoW Baby is a Transceiver.  You don’t need to purchase separate Transmitters and Receivers.  To turn a Transceiver into a Transmitter, simply plug DMX in.  To make it a Receiver, don’t plug DMX in.  That’s all there is to it!  All units are completely plug and play and you can set up your system in seconds.

But while SHoW Baby is simple to set up, it contains the same fast and powerful radio as SHoW DMX Neo, and since it is in the Neo family, you can mix and match SHoW Baby and Neo together in your system.

Learn more about the sHoW DMX Baby by downloading the data sheet.