ETC Announces Eos Family Software Update – v1.9.5

This morning ETC announced the long anticipated, and until 2.0 comes out, most significant update to the Eos family of consoles: software version 1.9.5.

The biggest update included in v1.9.5 is the addition of the Virtual Media Server. The VMS allows the creation of grids of fixture, to which static and animated images can be applied. It includes a variety of manipulation tools. Similar to an external media server, the desk maps channels as layers which can then be defined with content. A secondary software download, the Eos Family Pixel Mapping Installer, is required to add media content.

The second major improvement is the Color Picker has been updated so that it will correctly (or more so) assign colors to non-standard LED fixtures such as RGBA and RGBW. This will hopefully mean there are more third-party LED profiles in the software as well.

Another important feature worth noting is the change that Cue Releases now send channels back to their last active source. IE, if you had moving lights 10 thru 16 going in cue 5/5 running in the background and had to run cue list 10 for a keynote speaker, any fixtures in cue 5/5 will resume what they were doing previously.

In addition to the features mentioned above, a variety of other long asked for features have been included: Flash On/Off, Flexi-Encoder State, Shielded Submasters, Grand Master exempt channels, Non-Dim indicator, etc. For a full list, please see the release notes available at

As always, if you are not comfortable using your desk’s shell system, please call ETC’s tech support line before attempting to update the desk by yourself.