ETC CUE: A Glimpse of the Newest Eos Family Member – GIO

7/25/2011…at the welcome reception for the inaugural ETC CUE event, ETC surprised and delighted their attendees by rolling out 3 units of what will be the newest addition to their Eos family line of consoles, the Gio. Weighing in at just under 50 lbs (a bonus for shipping concerns) this new addition geared for the mid-range space will sport a similar layout for keyboard commands, 10 motorized faders, master faders, and the 2 touch screens that is familiar to Eos users.

Those two touch screens are housed in a thin section that will tilt flat for shipping, up for viewing, and can be locked at any position in between. One USB port is on the front, with more available on the back. 2 Ethercon ports, 2 DMX ports, and 3 DVI ports were also spied on the back.

This console also supports backlit keys (the “clear” button helpfully highlights in red when a syntax error occurs) and the backlighting of these keys will have dimmer control; as will the LED console work lights. The finish of the console is highly scratch resistant and easy on the eyes.

Set to come in configurations of 2000, 4000, 6000 and 8000 outputs, the Gio is expected to list right between the Ion and the Eos price points.

Keep an eye out for the official release this fall for more and final details!