ETC CUE: Day 1 Keynote

7/26/2011…Today’s morning kicked off bright and early at 8 am with a fabulous address by Fred Foster.  The audience was held in rapt attention for an hour and a half listening to his stories about the history of ETC and just how much the company is for the people.   (Sadly my audio recording froze up and I lost the whole thing…)

However to end the address and kick off the morning sessions, there was a short colorful visual demo:

Yep; by now you’ve probably heard through the social grapevine that it is indeed truly coming…an LED Source Four.  There is it’s result right there: clean projection, 7-color plus the daylight (perhaps more?  I lost count when the gasps enveloped the room) flashed before our eyes on the screen, then this display of the Kick-Ass Daylight White.  It definitely is.  Look for more information in the coming 9-12 months.