ETC Releases Eos Family Software Update 1.9.6 – Critical Update From 1.9.5

Say What, I just updated my desk to Eos Family Software 1.9.5 just last week!  It happens from time to time, software goes out and has a glitch, but, ETC’s awesome users, programmers and tech services gurus caught the bugs. The offical statement about the update from ETC’s release notes:

The purpose of this release is to fix a critical effects bug along with a few other issues.
This software release is highly recommended for all users of the Eos Family platform (Eos, Ion®, and ElementTM).

From the key enhancements part of the release notes, it just list bug fixes.  ETC is highly recommending you either skip 1.9.5 all together or update to 1.9.6 if you already have updated your desk.  Get the console software and Client/off-line editor software all from the download section of ETC’s website,