GLP Launhes New Division – Scenex Lighting

GLP (German Light Products), has announced the launch of Scenex Lighting; a new company division focused on the scenic elements of todays entertainment lighting industry.
Using LED technology at its core, Scenex Lighting is distributing a range of different fixtures and elements allowing designers to integrate and enhance set pieces with other lighting elements of a show design in a seamless and stylish fashion.
With its product design center based in Germany, the launch product range includes a new dedicated truss toner fixture, utilizing 12 tricolor 3 Watt LED’s, the fixture gives a tight 10 degree beam with a bright output and features data in/out and power in/out connectors mounted on the side of the fixture allowing back to back mounting, and ingeniously comes in a square format to light square truss.

Also available are a full range of low profile LED tapes, in both flexible and fixed housings and rated up to IP55. Incorporating high output LED’s, tapes are available in a variety of colors, color temperatures, and as full color mixing RGB. Flexible tapes have been designed for re-use on temporary sets and stages with the fixed housing tapes geared towards long term productions and permanent installations.

Further products include a range of decorative fixtures including wall and counter mount fixtures with diffuse integral RGB lighting for subtle enhancements, all of which allow easy integration to a productions main lighting scheme. The range even includes 360 degree color mixing globes in sizes of up to 3 feet in diameter.

You can learn more about GLP and their new division, Scenex Lighting by visiting their website at