Hold the Phone, ANOTHER Dip Switch App – Clair DMX Lite

I am having a case of déjà vu here.  It seems like I just wrote about this same tyoe of program very recently… :/  While I could go off on a real tangent here and talk about how the iTunes App Store is over run by DMX Dip Switch Apps… I won’t.  Just think of all of the different apps as choices.

The Clair DMX Lite App is yet another DMX Dip Switch App.  What sets this app different from the rest of the dip switch apps out there… not to much. The only real difference is the About Clair button on the bottom of the app.  From there you can learn more about SLPro Trading’s LED and moving light products.

From the brief research that I have found, SLPro Trading is manufacturer and or distributor in Singapore.  While the app may offer a bit on the fixtures, the only website I could find even remotely related to this company is 1980 with little or no information.

As for the Clair DMX Lite app, you can pick it up for FREE in the iTunes App Store.  Think of it as another app to add to the almost full DXM dip switch folder on you iOS device.