JR Clancy to Showcase Rigging Projects at USITT in Charlotte

The very latest in rigging technology—from award-winning innovations for a grand opera house to the safest choices for schools—will be showcased in videos at J. R. Clancy’s booth (#730) at the USITT conference in Charlotte, NC, March 9-12, 2011.

J. R. Clancy will feature high-resolution videos of several of its most recent rigging projects in action:

1.    The custom-built, 40-foot-high chandelier in the Winspear Opera House in Dallas features 318 cast acrylic rods which vanish as the house lights dim before a production begins. Clancy technology made it possible for the rods to move in synchronized patterns and retract into the ceiling smoothly and rapidly, powered by 44 custom-design winches with up to eight lines per winch. The video provides close-up views of the intricate rigging above the house ceiling while the chandelier’s rods are in motion.

2.    Clancy’s PowerAssist™ allows you to motorize new or existing counterweight sets economically.  This eliminates handling counterweights, simplifying operations. PowerAssist can be provided with Up / Down pushbuttons, or with the SureTarget™ preset position controller.  These are widely used on lighting and orchestra shell ceiling sets where accurate positioning is essential.

3.    Imagine changing over from a dance concert’s scenery to an orchestral shell and acoustic canopy in just 47 minutes—using a student crew!  At the Miller Performing Arts Center at Alfred University, Clancy’s PowerLift automated rigging system makes even the most complex changeovers easy. You’ll see students operate the PowerLifts using Clancy’s top-of-the-line SceneControl 500 rigging control console, removing dance concert scenery from battens without moving a single counterweight, and hanging pieces of the Wenger Diva shell effortlessly. Preset limits for each batten return the shell to the correct position.

More on J. R. Clancy is available at www.jrclancy.com.