Lighting Handbook App Now Available on Android Market

Andrew Derrington, the app developer of the popular Lighting Handbook app recently announced that the app has been translated to the Android platform. In this first release it has all the core features that the iOS version has, and in time will gain more features such as Searching, Submit a fixture, Lighting Calculator & Electrical Formulas in app purchases and more.

Using a new universal database system it has the same fixtures as the iOS version and is updatable through the settings menu. If your device is connected to the internet, the manual is then available for viewing right within the app. You can also store manuals for offline viewing either within Lighting Handbook or in your favourite PDF viewing app.

The library of manufacturers can be updated from within the app – Go to the settings menu, from there you’ll be able to see what version of the library is currently installed and if connected to the internet, what version is now available for download. Click the “Update Library” Button and it will download the latest library and install into Lighting Handbook.

Lighting Handbook is a tool for all theatre, corporate and event technicians.
It displays information on over 750 moving lights, Dimmers, Conventional fixtures & effects:
• Weight
• Power Consumption
• Data Connection types
• Light Output (According to manufactures manual)
• Colour wheels/Mixing
• Gobo Wheels
• How many DMX Channels and in what mode
• Beam Size
• Lamp type
Dimmer Info:
• Mains connectors
• Mains out?
• Data Connectors
• Dimmer connections
• Max Channel count
• Max Channel current
• Max current per phase
• Weight
• Dimensions
• Channel to phase info
• Any additional feature

You can purchase the Lighting handbook app for the Android Market for $4.94. For iOS users, you can purchase the app on the iTunes App Store for $4.99.