MA Lighting Releases grandMA V2.3[6.6]

MA Lighting has published the software release version [2.3][6.6]. MA has integrated a lot of very useful new features into this release that enhance the performance of the grandMA2 even more.

As this release offers so many new and powerful features especially regarding effects we kindly ask you to read the following paragraph as well as the release notes very carefully before updating to the new software version.

–  Updating to this release version 2.3 of grandMA2 the values and effect values are divorced! Therefore older showfiles might not be 100% compatible. Therefore please check your showfile with the new version before using it live!

–  If you would like to update your dimMA system from any version below 6.x please contact your MA-dealer or MA directly for any update information. Should you be using grandMA2 in connection to our dimMA solutions, please get in touch with us, since a console update will now require an MA NDP update and vice versa. We are happy to assist you.

–  The current versions of grandMA2 onPC and grandMA 3D require minimum Windows XP with Service Pack 3. Furthermore the latest version of Microsoft’s Net. Framework (4.0) will be installed on your computer, if not already installed.

Please note that the connection of external touch screens is now possible, therefore we have published our hardware recommendations in our support area too.

The new software version can be downloaded here. Please read the release notes too!