Martin Professional Releases Maxedia 4.40 Software

The latest software release for Martin’s user-friendly Maxedia™ media server brings the Maxedia feature set to a higher level. Aligning simplicity of use with complexity of execution, Maxedia 4.40 shows how the most powerful media server on the market can also be a user-friendly one.

Highlights of Maxedia version 4.40 include:

Cuelist:  Similar to lighting consoles, Maxedia now features a cuelist for automation. From simple drag and drop of cues through an intuitive user interface, cuelists are quickly built and ready to play back. Cuelists can be triggered manually, automatically using Wait and Follow time, or even using external timecode. This makes Maxedia the perfect media server for permanent installations as well as large events.

Timecode:  Complementary to the new cuelist is new timecode input. MIDI and SMPTE timecode can be used to synchronize one or multiple Maxedia systems together. Not only will Cuelist cues be triggered at the right time by following external timecode but the actual video content of cues will also follow timecode. This means that video playback is exactly where it is supposed to be when the user jumps forward or backward in the timecode.

Up to 8 HD inputs:  The Maxedia engine now supports up to 8 HD SDI inputs simultaneously. Using the newly added MCC capture card, latency is kept as low as 2 frames per second, turning Maxedia into a super powerful video switcher. In addition to the high speed capture, the video input can make use of frameblending for smooth 50/60 HZ conversion, a unique feature of Maxedia. A choice of Dual HD-SDI and Dual DVI MCC capture cards is available from Martin Professional.

New Output remapper:   When using several video walls and creative LED video curtains there comes a time when breaking, scaling, rotating and repositioning the engine output into sections is necessary. This task is easier than ever with the new Video Output Remapper. A portion or the entire video content can be sliced and diced anywhere on the actual video output.

More 3D warping and Keystoning possibilities:  Keystoning, edge-blending and 3D warping are now available on both engines, which makes each server really act like two servers. 3D warping in combination with keystoning and edge-blending can be done over six video projectors using a single Maxedia Broadcast and up to three projectors on a Maxedia PRO and Compact. Large scale projections onto buildings have never been easier or more cost effective!

A bundle of new creative effects: A dozen new, high-quality effects and plugins have been added to Maxedia 4.40. All the new effects allow for more control and better tools for the ultimate creative mind. Included is Framing borders, Chainer, Color Motion, Sepia, Advanced Chromakey and more.

For more information and to download the new Maxedia 4.40 software, visit