New iOS App: Barbizon Electrician’s Handbook

If you have been to a tradeshow or Barbizon event in the past four years, you most likely have picked up some version of the Barbizon Electrician’s Handbook. I still have ALL of mine starting with version 1!

The Electrician’s Handbook is a hand reference tool for all sorts of things that we need in our jobs. From standard electrical calculations, to socket types, lamp bases and even the perfect beer temperature!

Barbizon has teamed up with Useful Development, the developers that brought us the USITT iOS app, to bring the Electrician’s Handbook into our favorite little devices that run iOS.

Features of the app:

  • Handbook Indexed Navigation!
  • References for Electrical Terms, Wire and Cable, Lighting Fixtures, Lamps, Color, Patterns, Pipe, Knots, and More…
  • Page to Page Navigation!
  • Pinch/Zoom of Handbook pages
  • Interactive Contacts for All Barbizon Office locations, worldwide!
  • Barbizon Torch!

To get the new Barbizon app, head over to the iTunes app Store and pick up your FREE copy of the app.