New on the Mac App Store – DMX Assistant

Earlier this month, a new app became available in the Mac App Store, DMX Assistant. Slowly we will start to see more and more lighting software titles become available through the Mac App Store.  The first couple are from start ups and individuals developing Mac programs for us to benefit from.

DMX Assistant is a tool to send and receive DMX via ArtNet, designed to make it really easy to understand what’s happening. You can set DMX values to output to any of the 256 ArtNet universes, separated into ‘Scenes’ (submasters) if you wish. All the ArtNet universes being broadcast around your network are visible in the scene list, so you can inspect what your lighting console or other device is sending, and to HTP merge into a new universe for output.

DMX Assistant had four ways of viewing DMX values:

  • Light-Up Faders
  • Grid View
  • Histogram
  • LED Array View

Other Features:

  • ArtNet Input
  • ArtNet Output
  • HTP Merging
  • Dark Interface

Douglas Heriot is the developer of DMX Assistant.  You can learn more about the Mac App by visiting his website at Head over to the Mac App Store on your Mac and learn more about DMX Assistant. You can purchase a copy for $24.99 USD.