Review: iPad App: sling Note

Its a web browser. No, its a note pad. Wait, its a calculator. Maybe its a scrapbook. Better yet, its all of the above. sling Note is an app for iPad that gives you a browser window or calculator side by side with a notepad/scrapbook.

The usefulness of this app is apparent for anyone who has searched through site after site printing out ideas or images. Using its built in capture ability you can drag sections of websites to your scrapbook page and it will move as a graphic you can enlarge or shrink and arrange by piece. sling Note also copies the URL from the page and keeps the information with the scrap.

The calculator is a basic, everyday calculator. However, it gives you the ability to drag and drop the total to and from the scrap page. The scrap page also functions as a note pad capable of text bubbles for page cuts, standard text, or hand (or finger) drawings. One of the nice things about sling Note is that you can also pull information from PDF, DOC, XLS, Pages, Keys, and Numbers files. You can also pull photos from the internal album.

Once you have collected all the information you need, you can then save the note book and start a new one. It uses the same organizational structure for documents as Pages and Numbers. You also have the option of exporting PDF’s to either an email or your Bookshelf.

While not a lighting app in the strictest sense, sling Note definitely holds a soft spot in my App collection. Check it out in the iTunes App Store today. There is a paid version $2.99 USD and a FREE or “lite” version.