Review: Scenex Lighting Ignition LED Base 4 Truss Toner

Scenex Lighting would like to introduce the Ignition LED Base 4.  The Base 4 is a strong contender for the ultimate truss up lighter.  Designed to fit exactly inside a 12 x 12 inch stick of box truss, the Base 4 features a square array of LED’s.  This places the 10 degree RGB LED’s in an optimal alignment to punch all the way to the top of a 10ft stick of truss with maximum color.

The demo unit we were given features 3-pin DMX in and out, an LED menu, and Neutrik PowerCon input and output. The brushed aluminum casing is solid and light weight.  The default configuration has wings on the sides to lock the Base 4 in place when used with “Chinese Style” truss.  There are other configurations available if you use Thomas/Tomcat style truss.  The PowerCon power input and output are nice to see.  This allows you to daisy chain multiple Base 4’s (or other LED units) together using a common cable type.  The Neutrik PowerCon is becoming the defacto choice among LED manufacturer’s and moving lights alike.  The only thing of slight concern is I was unable to locate an external fuse.  This is still a “Beta” unit, so hopefully we’ll see that added to the final production unit.

The menu is easy to navigate.  It features a Blue LED display and three navigation buttons beneath.  Even without consulting the manual, it was easy to select from the built in programs and set up a basic look.  You have control options for static colors, or color chasing/fading.  The unit is easy to address for DMX and features several profile modes that allow for standard RGB options or a split color mode that will allow you to tone the truss in two colors at once. It should be noted also that the Base 4’s production model will feature 5-Pin DMX as opposed to the 3-Pin DMX that our demo unit has.

That brings us to the LED array.  The Base 4 features 12 3w RGB homogenized LED emitters with 1w per color, per emitter. The LED’s are arrayed in a square around the outside of the fixture instead of a circle or hexagon as common in LED fixtures.  This places the LED’s in an optimal position to light the structure and cross members in the truss.  The 10 degree beam of the LED’s also gives the Base 4 an excellent throw distance.  It covered evenly all the way to the top of a 10ft stick of truss and would probably go to 15 to 20ft given the chance.  The field coming off the LED’s is just large enough that if you are using 18 or 20 in truss, it would most likely tone these as well.  Though you would want to add a unit facing the opposite direction at the other end of the truss to cover both ends.

In conclusion, the Base 4 LED truss toner provides lighting designers an excellent option for getting that perfect truss color. Given its design and lack of a rigging point, this is not a multitasker, but that’s not a bad thing.  You aren’t going to ask a PAR can to become a Leko, are you? Despite some minor flaws, the Base 4 is a very good truss toner/warmer and I would spec it without hesitation.  The colour rendering is excellent and not only does the Base 4 do what its designed for.  It does it well. So the question becomes, are you ready to start your “Ignition”?

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