Seen at #USITT: plotLight, Online Paperwork Management Software

Something new that shown at USITT 2011 in Charlotte was plotLight.  At it’s simplest form, plotLight is an online paperwork management softwork tool for the lighting professional.  At plotLight’s core is the plotLight BRAIN, a complex machine-learning application that combines data-mining with advanced Bayesian logic. Each plotLight project combines plotLight BRAIN components with your project’s specific lighting design, meaning that you can focus on creating your design while plotLight focuses on catching mistakes and simplifying your design process. Think of plotLight like a dedicated assistant, diligently working on the small stuff so you can worry about the big stuff.

There are three types of plotLight BRAIN components to help organize your paperwork:

Show Component —  The Show Component stores information about a specific show or event. This component manages general information about the show.

Venue Component —  The Venue Component manages information about a specific venue, theater, arena, room, or other type of performing space. From remembering a venue’s physical specifications to detailing the electrics capabilities of the space.

GearBox Component —  The largest of the plotLight BRAIN components, the Gearbox component stores information about the specific equipment available in a collection.

The basic monthly plan runs $15 USD.  Details on specifics on the plan have not yet been released as well as additional add-on options for more advanced control. plotLight was offering a one month FREE trial of the online tool at USITT.  If you want to try plotLight out for FREE for one month, head over to  BUT HURRY, you must register for the free trial by March 16th.

You can learn more about plotLight by visiting their website at