Squint Abroad – Load In

Loading in any event can be stressful.  Even when you are not dealing with language barriers, unfamiliar electrical standards, and different gear, the ballet of people and gear is a delicate balance between executing “the plan” and adapting to challenges.  In a foreign country this process has the potential to be a disaster.  Luckily, my experience abroad has been nothing but positive.  This week we are in Istanbul, Turkey building, running, and then tearing out a corporate event.  Although our client will only spend around seven hours in the general session space, countless hours have been spent planning, designing, building, teching, and rehearsing every little detail.

Let’s talk about the load in experience.  I’ll paint you a picture of what exactly we are working with

  • A ball room space (width) by (length) with a (height) ceiling.
  • An octagonal 8 screen projection setup, with a “T” shaped stage at the front
  • Lighting and seven speaker surround audio support

Fortunately for us the in house A/V is a production house similar in capability and gear to our own company.  While we have traveled with our entire video rig, including switching and projection, the audio and lighting gear came from the house.  They were able to provide familiar Vari Lite 3000 fixtures, ETC Source 4’s.  Our audio team was happy to have the same Yamaha console we use back in the states, as well as a pair of Labgruppen line array cabinets.  Eight powered speakers hide behind each screen for full surround audio support.  Perhaps most importantly they were able to provide the proper truss (Prolyte folding triangle) and motor package.  This show relies on the 18 foot tall video walls in an octagonal shape, and being able to fly the rig instead of ground supporting is a huge advantage.


Working with the in house team was a breeze.  They know their gear well, and could easily take our CAD drawings and implement without a problem.  While we had issues with language barriers enough of their crew spoke English well enough to keep both of our production teams on the same page. Needless to say, it was a great opportunity, and we are all really excited for the next chance to work overseas!