Student Design Competition Resource – On Stage Lighting’s Spotlight Tutorials

Hey Students, Looking for some help on your design project for the Student Design Competition? A good friend, educator, designer and fellow blogger, Rob Sayer from On Stage Lighting has put together a great series of screen cast to help guide you through the design process with Vectorworks Spotlight.  Albeit 2010, many of the examples and tutorials still hold true in Vectorworks 2011.

Head over to Rob’s website  Forgive his stuffy voice on the screen cast, he had a slight cold when recording them.  Either way, thank you Rob for putting together such an informative and helpful guide to Vectorworks Spotlight! Pip Pip!!!

If you need Vectorworks to work on your project… as a student, you are in luck! Vectorworks offers a FREE… yes  F-R-E-E version of their software to learn and work with.  To get the software, visit Some limitations and restrictions do apply for the student version of the software.  See the student page on Vectorworks website.

Now, after you have the software, watch all of Rob’s great tutorials, head over to the Student Design Competition page to learn more about the competition, the rules and requirements.